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Drug Testing On Arrest By Police

The aim  for such testing by the police is to break the cycle of drug misuse and the resulting offending behaviour by such intervention at all stages of the criminal justice system, and resulting in the engagement of offenders in prescribed drug treatment.

So Who Will Be Subject To A Drugs Test?

Any person arrested for what is commonly known as a trigger offence. This is a crime more often than not, of involvement in obtaining money that could be used to purchase drugs or if the arrested person is known to police for a previous drugs possession offence, or indeed, where a police inspector has reason to believe that drugs have been used or involved in their offence. Therefore, in such circumstances, a drug test will be provided.

A Positive Result ?

If tested for specific Class A drugs, the person will be required to make attendance with a drugs worker for two assessments. This is covered in Section 9 and 10 of the Drugs Act 2005. If the person fails to attend and remain for the drugs assessment test, this failure will constitute an offence.

Postive Testing And Bail?

Anyone who after testing for drugs proves positive, and refusing to engage for a prescribed drugs treatment, may bail refused at the police station or the Magistrates Court.

Further Information

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