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GBH Cases

R.v. M
St.Albans Crown Court

Defendant charged with unlawfully and maliciously inflicting Grievous Bodily Harm contrary to section 20 of The Offences Against The Person Act 1861; assault by beating contrary to section 39 of The Criminal Justice Act 1988 and with others used or threatened unlawful violence towards other persons contrary to section 3(1) and (7) of the Public Order Act 1986. Pleas of not guilty entered, and went to trial.

The Jury returned a verdict of guilty.

Sentence after lengthy submissions 51 weeks detention in a YOI suspended for 2 years, 120 hours unpaid work requirement. Ordered to pay £3,500.00 costs. The Learned Judge was quoted “ I hope you understand you have come within a whisker of going inside”

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