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Offensive Weapon

Offensive Weapon

Offensive Weapons

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Definition of an Offensive Weapon:

  1. Those made for use for causing injury to the person, that is simply a WEAPON THAT IS OFFENSIVE.
  2. Those adopted for causing injury to the person, such as a bottle deliberately broken in order that the jagged end may be inserted into the victims face, and
  3. An object not made or adapted, but one which the person carrying intends to use for the purpose of causing injury to a person.

As to (1) and (2), the Prosecution are not obliged to prove that a person had the weapon on his  or her person, for the intention and purpose of causing and inflicting an injury on another person.

Examples of a weapon are:
A disguised knife, an imitation or toy weapon.

S.139 Criminal Justice Act 1988 ( blade / pocket knife )
Crossbow Act 1987
S.141, 141A Criminal Justice Act 1988
S.1 and 2, Knives Act 1997

Each allegation is on different facts in relation to this section, and for advice on offensive weapons and the law, contact Penman Sedgwick..If you need advice on a legal matter please contact us, and we will respond as soon as possible, or call us on 01923 225212.

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